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Pure Fire Event

The Gift of Sexuality - Hope, Healing & Holiness

Date: Saturday, August 21, 2021 Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm Speaker: Multiple Speakers Venue: Island ECC Cost: Early Bird $150 (through Aug 9), Regular $250 Who it’s for: A whole day event for singles and married couples to understand, protect, enjoy and live out God’s original design of sexual intimacy. It is an event that will spark you on a Journey to discover hope, healing and holiness in the gift of sexuality. Register your place now Click here

Hope - Pursuing a marriage that lives out the fullness of intimacy emotionally, spiritually and physically! Healing - Providing a way for men and women who want to find freedom from the effects of unwanted sexual behaviours and betrayal trauma.

Holiness - Protecting our hearts, by focusing on the Lord the perfecter of our faith is to find complete fulfilment in your creator. True intimacy begins by living out the original design that God has created you to be, men and women walking right with Him. Topics: Sacred Gift of Sex A discovery of intimacy to it’s fullest - Pastor Daniel Tse, Director of Men & Pure Desire Ministry Family of Origin Understanding the impact of love addiction - Emily Kusunoki, Professional Counsellor Wild at Heart Living right with God in singleness - Josh Mak, Equipping Ministry Island ECC Second Chances in Marriage A story of brokenness, forgiveness and restoration - Special Guests, Christian Couple Hope when Love is Gone A man’s courage to restore dignity in his relationship - Special Guest, A Medical Specialist Love Redeemed Real life stories in the midst of Christian living - Pastor Rick Bates, Executive Pastor Register your place now Click here

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